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The Ugly Duckling
Uncle John's Christmas Story
Uncle Vanya
Uncommon Women and Other
Underneath The Lintel
The Underpants
The Unexpected Guest
Unforgettable: The Nat "King" Cole Story
Unhappily Ever After
A Unhappy Woman
The Uninvited
Unnecessary Farce
The Unwicked Witch
Up The Down Staircase
Up, Up, and Away
U.S. Drag
Father Rick is an extraordinary young priest and a brilliant doctor. When the troubled son of an anti-Catholic Minister enters his confessional he reveals a personal secret and threatens suicide. Father Rick is able to prevent it. But the young man's confession leaves Father Rick torn between his desire to ease pain and his firm commitment to his church.
Only when the young man's Father confronts the dynamic young priest do events unfold which pits humanism against religious and Christian philosphy. All three characters are pulled together in a situation which must be resolved

Recent Productions
WhereOpening Night
Narrows Drama Theater 7/21/2001