“Oleanna” at Baird's 'Jewel' Theatre

by David Mamet

Oleanna ...probes deeply into some of the darker facets of human interaction and in some ways is more like a psychological thriller than a drama. It spirals in on itself, twisting from sanity and reason to primal emotion and has a dialogue of rhythm and cadence all its own. It is for those willing to look beneath the surface to see a taut, intellectual sparring match where there is no absolute truth. For that special audience, the play will leave an indelible imprint.

General Admission $ 12.00 - Seniors/Students $ 11.00
Advanced Sales strongly recommended since seating is limited. Call 973-763-1140

Performed by Baird's 'Jewel' Theatre
At Baird Theatre
Performances ran
Friday, February 9, 2001 thru Saturday, February 17, 2001
Carol (A College Student).... Anne Popolizio
John (A College Professor).... Ralph Romeo Has Bio
Original writings and presentation.... Lauire A. Pine Has Bio
Directed by Patricia Nardone Has Bio
Produced by Gerry Nardone Has Bio
Lighting Design by Carlo J. Caparruva Has Bio
Sound Design by Carlo J. Caparruva Has Bio
Stage Managed by Brian Carroll Has Bio
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