“California Suite” at Somerset Valley Players

“California Suite”
by Neil Simon

Here is Neil Simon at his most humane, passionate best. His play is a humorous confection of 4 vignettes that take place in the same California hotel suite; Visitor from New York, Visitor from Philadelphia, Visitor from London and Visitors from Chicago. From New York, a magazine writer and her ex-husband jockey for their daughter’s affection as they try to decide where she should spend he next six months. From Philadelphia, a husband has to get a drunken woman out of his bed before his wife comes back, when it wasn’t even his idea in the first place. From Chicago, twocouples who started a vacation as good friends, are now miserable and at each other’s throats. From London, an Oscar losing actress returns to the suite with confidence shattered only to find an unsympathetic husband rather than the solace she craves.

Performed by Somerset Valley Players
At Somerset Valley Playhouse
Performances ran
Friday, May 10, 2002 thru Sunday, May 26, 2002
Beth Hollender.... Sheila Wolf
Bunny.... Alison Quairoli
Diana Nichols.... Janet Gray
Gert Franklyn.... Colleen Bell
Hannah Warren.... Deborah Anderson
Marvin Michaels.... Michael Sundburg
Millie Michaels.... Cindy Keller
Mort Hollender.... Rob Capici
Sidney Nichols.... Tim Skarbek
Stu Franklyn.... Ted Petrock III
William Warren.... Barry Fielding
Directed by Mike Schuller
Directed by Mike Schuller
Produced by Heather Giarrusso
Lighting Design by Dominick Abbatiello
Set Designed by Mike Schuller
Light Operation by Harriet Trainor
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