“Reefer Madness” at Brook Arts Center Community Players

“Reefer Madness”

There is a new menace sweeping the nation, ready to ensnare and seduce the youth and drag them down into a life of sin: REEFER MADNESS! In this hilarious, over-the-top satire, the high school drama club, led by the gravely stern Lecturer, illustrates the perils of the “leafy green assassin.” They tell the story of Jimmy, a fine, upstanding, All-American boy whose life fell apart because of the evil reefer. Jimmy was a good kid, with a bright future ahead of him. He had a sweetheart whom he loved, the wholesome and sweet Mary Lane. But when Jimmy is tricked into taking his first puff of reefer, his life quickly spirals downward. He begins to neglect his family, his schoolwork, even Mary, in order to spend all his time smoking at the Reefer Den. His addiction leads him to debauchery, sin, theft, and, eventually, murder. Reefer Madness is an irreverent parody of the classic 1930s instructional film full of camp, hilarity, mayhem, and madness.

Performed by Brook Arts Center Community Players
At Brook Arts Center
Performances ran
Thursday, April 20, 2023 thru Saturday, May 6, 2023
Jack Stone / Jesus / George Washington.... Carl Di Maggio
Jimmy Harper.... Brian Johnston
Mae Coleman.... Lorraine Perri
Mary Lane.... Jaclyn Lenox
Ralph Wiley / Sally's Baby / Bull Prisoner / Uncle Sam.... Matthew Tobio
Sally De Bain / Detective / Statue Of Liberty.... Nicole Boscarino
The Lecturer / Satan / Franklin D. Roosevelt.... Patrick Andrae
The Lecturer / Satan / Franklin D. Roosevelt (4/22/2023).... Christopher J. Guell Has photo
Understudy.... Henry Leger
Understudy.... Matt Mancuso
Understudy.... Elaina Misciagna
Understudy.... Amanda Papa
Understudy.... Anthony Penaloza
Ensemble.... James Barton
Ensemble.... Lindsey Dress
Ensemble.... Gabriella Herrera
Ensemble.... Tyron Howard
Ensemble.... Leah Krupnick
Ensemble.... Hannah Levy
Ensemble.... Bradford Lindsey
Ensemble.... Crystal Ann Little
Ensemble.... Alexander Portera
Ensemble.... Deke Stoklosa
Ensemble.... Julia Velmer
Ensemble.... Javier Woodard
Directed by Christopher J. Guell Has photo
Assistant Directed by Sam Lazofsky
Choreography by Matt Mancuso
Choreography by Amanda Papa
Fight Direction by Christopher Abbott
Produced by Andrew S. Golden
Produced by Gail Woerner
Scenic Design by Brianna L. Guell Has photo
Costume Design by Nansi Krauss
Costume Design by Elaina Misciagna
Costume Design by Anthony Penaloza
Costume Design by Gail Woerner
Production Support by Dan Studney
Lighting Design by Sam Lazofsky
Sound Design by Jaycob Golden
Hair Design by Don Olah
Stage Managed by Elaina Misciagna
Assistant Stage Managed by Henry Leger
Musical Direction by David F. Shirley
Scenic Art by Brianna L. Guell Has photo
Properties by Brianna L. Guell Has photo
Properties by Bradford Lindsey
Production Assistance by Jade Scharnikow
Production Assistance by Nico Velazquez