“Damn Yankees” at Main Street Theatre Company

“Damn Yankees”
Music & Lyrics by Richard Adler & Jerry Ross
Book by George Abbott & Douglas Wallap

Overweight, aging baseball fan Joe Boyd makes a pact with the Devil so the hapless Washington Senators can win the pennant just once, and is transformed into a young power hitter. Though nearly trapped by a soul-greedy Devil and tempted by his reluctant but luscious sidekick Lola, Joe ultimately decides to return to his wife. A modern re-telling of the Faust tale.

Performed by Main Street Theatre Company
At Step-Inn Ballroom
Performances ran
Friday, August 11, 2000 thru Saturday, August 26, 2000
Gloria Thrope.... Barbara Greco Brady Has Bio
Benny Van Buren.... Frank Norek Has Bio
Bouley / Mr. Hawkins.... Ivan Rushfield Has Bio
Commissioner.... Matthew Kausch Has Bio
Doris Miller.... Leslie Hochman Has Bio
Henry.... AJ Meeker Has Bio
Joe Boyd.... Vic Morosco Has Bio
Joe Hardy.... Kevin M. Brady Jr. Has Bio
Linville (Some Performances).... Peter Fischer Has Bio
Linville (Some Performances) / Del / Bryant /Stern.... Christopher J. Guell Has photo
Lola.... Letitia D. Townes Has Bio
Lowe.... Lou Taylor Pucci Has Bio
Meg Boyd.... Sheila Diehm Has Bio
Mickey.... Javier Jimenez Has Bio
Miss Weston.... Meredith Schachter Has Bio
Mr. Applegate.... Jon Heron Has Bio
Mr. Welch.... Frank Takacs Has Bio
Rocky.... Jonathan Rua Has Bio
Sister Miller.... Dotti Friis Has Bio
Smokey.... Howard Whitmore Has Bio
Sohovik.... Joseph Neuhoff Has Bio
Vernon / Guard.... Christian King Has Bio
(Ensemble).... Jennifer Bellas Has Bio
(Ensemble).... Greta Gingrich Has Bio
(Ensemble).... Courtney Louis Has Bio
(Ensemble).... Gina Ann Mazzarella Has Bio
(Ensemble).... Kelly Nolan Has Bio
(Ensemble).... Michelle Lynn Palumbo Has Bio
(Ensemble).... Kelly Rhodes Has Bio
(Ensemble).... Dawn Schwartz Has Bio
(Ensemble).... Nancy Takacs Has Bio
(Ensemble).... Toni Marie Torsiello Has Bio
Directed by Mark Ilardi Has Bio
Choreography by Patrick Starega Has Bio
Stage Managed by Scott Francy Has Bio
Assistant Stage Managed by Meredith Schachter Has Bio
Musical Direction by Alan J. Meeker Has Bio
Set Designed by Kenneth Guell Has Bio
Production Assistance by Glori Ann Guell Has Bio
Note: These recording are not of the productions list here, but of Broadway or Hollywood versions.