“Seussical: The Musical” at Brook Arts Center Community Players

“Seussical: The Musical”
Music by Stephen Flaherty
Lyrics by Lynn Ahrens
Book by Stephen Flaherty & Lynn Ahrens

This musical is based on the works of Dr. Seuss. But it isn't just a string of his stories set to music. And it isn't just one of his stories. In fact, it is the creation of a new, full length musical with a story which weaves together his most famous tales and characters, creatures, places and things. "Seussical" incorporates elements from at least 15 of his books, as well as many of his best-loved and most familiar characters.

Performed by Brook Arts Center Community Players
At Brook Arts Center
Performances ran
Friday, November 11, 2022 thru Sunday, November 20, 2022
Cat In The Hat.... Zach Mazouat
General Genghis Khan Schmitz.... Philip Trechak
Gertrude Mcfuzz.... Lindsey Dress
Horton The Elephant.... Mark Zebro
Jojo.... Wyatt Botsko-Bridge
Marshal Of The Court / Ensemble.... Bradford Lindsey
Mayor Of Whoville.... Steven Leshchanka Has Bio
Mayzie Labird.... Rosie Monaghan
Mrs. Mayor.... Aubrey Botsko
Sour Kangaroo.... Daisha Davis
The Grinch.... Ethan Garry
Thing 1.... Brian Butterfield
Thing 2.... Alexandria Robles
Vlad Vladikoff / Ensemble.... James Barton
Yertle The Turtle / Grinch Understudy (11/19 & 11/20).... Christopher J. Guell Has photo
Bird Girl.... Melissa Calicchio
Bird Girl.... Elizabeth Colagrande
Bird Girl.... Julia Velmer
Wickersham Brother / Cadet.... Jackson Bartle
Wickersham Brother / Cadet.... Alexander Portera
Wickersham Brother / Cadet.... Jack Tomy
Ensemble.... Daniel Bross
Ensemble.... Regina Goins
Ensemble.... Ashley Hamilton
Ensemble.... Raul Hernandez
Ensemble.... Nansi Krauss
Ensemble.... Henry Leger
Ensemble.... William Lomassaro
Ensemble.... Lou Mastro
Ensemble.... Elaina Misciagna
Ensemble.... Francine Mondi
Ensemble.... Najm Muhammad
Ensemble.... Jessica Musolino
Ensemble.... Nicole Pepe
Ensemble.... Melissa Pinto
Ensemble.... Alex Ridder
Ensemble.... Angela Ronan
Ensemble.... Allison Schaechter
Ensemble.... Jade Scharnikow
Ensemble.... Jillian Wagner
Directed by Christopher J. Guell Has photo
Assistant Directed by Gail Woerner
Choreography by Adam Vincent
Produced by Andrew S. Golden
Dance Captain by Jack Tomy
Dance Captain by Julia Velmer
Scenic Design by Benjamin Menahem
Puppetry by Mike Patierno
Costume Design by Alex Ridder
Production Managed by Nansi Krauss
Lighting Design by Sam Lazofsky
Hair Design by Don Olah
Stage Managed by Elaina Misciagna
Assistant Stage Managed by Henry Leger
Musical Direction by David F. Shirley
Assist. Musical Direction by Amanda Zook
Scenic Art by Yvonne Mikalopas
Properties by Gail Woerner
Production Assistance by Ajahee Hoagland
Production Assistance by Nico Velazquez