“Beyond Therapy” at First Avenue Playhouse

“Beyond Therapy”
by Christopher Durang

Bruce and Prudence are deeply into therapy. Prudence's macho therapist is urging her to meet someone of the opposite sex by placing a personal ad while Bruce's wacky female therapist is urging him to meet someone of the opposite sex by placing a personal ad. She does not fully comprehend that Bruce has a male lover who is not pleased by Bruce's decision to date a woman: Prudence. Bruce doesn't know how to handle poor nervous Prudence and Prudence doesn't know what to make of her unpredictable new boyfriend. They sort it all out and learn to live beyond therapy in this delightful comedy. Christopher Durang has described his play as being about "relationships and how psychology and psychobabble hinder and help us."

Performed by First Avenue Playhouse
At First Avenue Playhouse
Performances ran
Friday, August 3, 2012 thru Saturday, August 25, 2012
Bob.... Rudy Palma
Bruce.... Jason Propst
Dr. Charlotte Wallace.... Debbie O'brien
Dr. Stuart Framingham.... James Walsh
Prudence.... Samantha Ambler
Andrew, The Waiter.... Stephen Hirsekorn
Andrew, The Waiter.... Christopher Nolan