“Narnia” at Cranford Drama Club

Music by Thomas Tierney
Lyrics by Ted Drachman
Book by Jules Tasca
Based on a Novel by C. S. Lewis

Four human children find themsleves transported into a fantastical land where the animals all speak and the White Witch has ruled it to be "always winter and never Christmas." The Witch and her wolf police oppress all of the animals of Narnia. But Aslan is on the move back into Narnia. Aslan - a lion and the true King of the land. Aslan - who brings spring wherever he roams. And by his power, the children have been called from "the world of men" to make the world right again.

Performed by Cranford Drama Club
At CDC Theater
Performances ran
Friday, December 8, 2006 thru Sunday, December 10, 2006
Directed by Becky Randazzo
Choreography by Niicole Caprio
Produced by Judi Chandler
Produced by Liz Howard
Musical Direction by Kristin Pfeifer