“Wait Until Dark” at First Avenue Playhouse

“Wait Until Dark”
by Fredrick Knott

This suspenseful thriller centers on Susy Hendrix, a young blind housewife who unwittingly becomes embroiled in the machinations of a crew of drug traffickers, after her husband brings home a doll that may hold contraband. What follows is an excruciatingly suspenseful battle of wits between the blind woman and her sadistic tormentors.

Performed by First Avenue Playhouse
At First Avenue Playhouse
Performances ran
Friday, October 7, 2005 thru Saturday, October 29, 2005
Gloria.... Mady Nichas
Harry Roat.... Robert Kern
Mike Talman.... Joe Zedeny Has Bio
Patrolman #1.... Tania Joseph
Sam Hendrix.... Joe Simonelli Has Bio
Sgt. Carlino.... James Walsh
Susy Hendrix.... Mary Keefe Hirsekorn
Directed by Stephen Hirsekorn
Directed by Mary Keefe Hirsekorn
Produced by Joe Bagnole
Produced by Beth Coyle
Lighting Design by David J. Cruse
Stage Managed by Tania Joseph
Set Designed by David J. Cruse
Properties by Donna Stiles