“Rumours” at Center Players (Freehold)

by Neil Simon

Ken and Chris have found their host Charly in his bedroom, too dazed to speak, with a bullet wound in his earlobe! Len and Carrie arrive, both injured in a car crash and are joined by Glenn and Cassie and Ernest and Cookie, each with their own bizarre problems. A second accidental gunshot leaves Ken temporarily deaf and when the police arrive it is up to Len to pretend to be Charly and try to fashion an explanation…

Performed by Center Players (Freehold)
At Center Playhouse
Performances ran
Saturday, March 1, 1997 thru Monday, March 31, 1997
Cassie Cooper.... Elaine Formicola
Chris Gorman.... Bridget Fargo
Claire Ganz.... Rhonda Katz
Cookie Cusak.... Bernice Garfield-Szita Has Bio Has photo
Ernie Cusak.... Gary Hirsch
Glenn Cooper.... Harold Austin Has Bio
Ken Gorman.... David Sorin
Leonard Ganz.... Paul Deubel
Officer Welch.... Terrence Wall
Directed by Tom Alexander
Assistant Directed by Ann D'arrigo
Lighting Design by Bob Szita
Stage Managed by Bonnie Riddell
Stage Managed by David Riddell

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