“Me and My Girl” at Barn Theatre

“Me and My Girl”
Music by Noel Gay
Book & Lyrics by L. Arthur Rose & Douglas Furber
Revised Book by Stephen Fry

When Bill Snibson, a cockney costermonger, is found to be the new Earl of Hareford and brought to be educated into the ways of the gentry; comic chaos results!

Performed by Barn Theatre
At The Barn Theatre
Performances ran
Friday, May 21, 2004 thru Saturday, June 5, 2004
Bill Snibson.... Tom Ryan
Charles Heathersett.... Steven Fox
Duchess Maria.... E. K. Deutsch Has Bio Has photo
Gerald Bolingbroke.... Billy Brisley
Herbert Parchester.... David Conley
Jaqueline Carstone.... Jennifer Mello
Lady Battersby.... Roseann Ruggiero Has Bio Has photo
Lord Battersby.... George H. Morgan Has Bio
Sally Smith.... Cindy Jung
Sir Jasper Tring.... Dave McDonald
Sir John Tremayne.... Michael Foley
Telegraph Boy.... Nicholas Harney
Ensemble.... Geraldine Baillod
Ensemble.... Jade Cintron
Ensemble.... Marie Comerford Has Bio
Ensemble.... D'Angelique Dopson
Ensemble.... Claire Gricko
Ensemble.... Omar Kozarsky
Ensemble.... Emily Krueger
Ensemble.... Roberta Lipp
Ensemble.... Kurt Meusel
Ensemble.... Diane Moran
Ensemble.... MaryAnn Morgan
Ensemble.... Shannon Murray Has Bio
Ensemble.... Meredith Nussbaum
Ensemble.... Lawrence Sanders Has photo
Ensemble.... Robert Scarpone
Ensemble.... Claudine Taylor
Directed by Cheryl Hartley
Assistant Directed by Jonathan Wentz Has Bio
Choreography by Lauren Moran
Produced by Jonathan Wentz Has Bio
Dance Captain by Billy Brisley
Assistant Choreography by Jeff Foote
Costume Design by Lillian Miller Has photo
Costume Design by Janice Schopper
Sound Design by Jeff Knapp Has Bio Has photo
Hair Design by Joan Agosta
Stage Managed by Mia Iacovelli Has Bio
Assistant Stage Managed by Ann Marie Hattersley
Musical Direction by Clifford Parrish
Set Designed by Todd Mills
Set Designed by Jonathan Wentz Has Bio
Set Décor by Jonathan Wentz Has Bio
Make-up by Joan Agosta
Properties by Richard Witenberg
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