“The Ladies of the Camelias” at Villagers Theatre

“The Ladies of the Camelias”
by Alexandre Dumas

A colorful farce about an imagined meeting in Paris between two famous divas, Sarah Bernhardt and Eleonora Duse, both performing back to back productions of the same play. A hilarious tale of theatre and actors that will have audiences rolling in the aisles.

Performed by Villagers Theatre
At Villagers Theatre
Performances began
Friday, February 12, 1999
Alexander Dumas, fils.... Jeff Dworkin Has Bio
Benoit.... John Boucher
Benoit Constant Coquelin.... Robert Madlin
Eleonora Duse.... Tracey Fama Has Bio
Flavio Ando.... Patrick Andráe Has Bio Has photo
Girl.... Mary Martin
Gustave-Hyppolyte Worms.... David Eppley Has Bio
Ivan.... Mark Kalet Has Bio Has photo
Sarah Bernhardt.... Catherine Rowe Has Bio
Directed by Ana Kalet Has Bio