“Damn Yankees” at Playful Theater Productions

“Damn Yankees”
Music & Lyrics by Richard Adler & Jerry Ross
Book by George Abbott & Douglas Wallap

Overweight, aging baseball fan Joe Boyd makes a pact with the Devil so the hapless Washington Senators can win the pennant just once, and is transformed into a young power hitter. Though nearly trapped by a soul-greedy Devil and tempted by his reluctant but luscious sidekick Lola, Joe ultimately decides to return to his wife. A modern re-telling of the Faust tale.


Performed by Playful Theater Productions
At Kelsey Theatre
Performances ran
Friday, April 4, 2003 thru Wednesday, April 16, 2003
Lola.... Melissa Marschner
Alice.... Kristin Heiser Has Bio
Benny Van Buren.... Arthur Hochman
Commissioner.... Tom Gates
Doris Miller.... Dawn Gagliano Has Bio
Gloria Thrope.... Diane Wargo Has Bio
Guard.... Joe Miller
Henry.... John Hernandez
Joe Boyd.... Ken Ambs Has Bio
Joe Hardy.... Bob McDonald Has Bio
Lowe.... Stephen Lewandowski
Meg Boyd.... Susie Shaddy
Mickey.... Johnny Ragazzo
Miss Weston.... Lauren Kerstetter
Mr. Applegate.... Michael Schiumo
Old Lola.... Jessica Batha
Rocky.... Danny Giglio Has Bio
Sister Miller.... Lisa Schott
Smokey.... Vince Gagliano Has Bio
Sohovik.... Gene Gross
Vernon.... Paul Lasky
Young Fan.... Robbie Ciano Has Bio
Young Fan.... Ben Schindel Has Bio
Young Fan.... Chelsea Wargo Has Bio
Young Fan.... Heather Weise
Directed by Nancy Snyder Has Bio
Vocal Direction by Bonnie Capes
Choreography by Pam Pisani Has Bio
Produced by Martha Gasparian
Produced by Suzanne Smith
Costume Design by Michelle Rittmann
Lighting Design by Eric Bovie
Musical Direction by James Capes
Set Designed by Keith Fisher
Make-up by Hilary Wilkins
Note: These recording are not of the productions list here, but of Broadway or Hollywood versions.