“The Deli Man” at Enchanted Players

“The Deli Man”
by Mary S. Ryzuk

A rich poignant family story told with humor and warmth. Set in a Jewish Delicatessen on the lower East Side of New York City shortly after World War II, it follows an evening in the life of the family that runs the store by day and lives “upstairs” by night.

How can the 11 year old son, Martin, learn all about “life and death” and “heaven and hell” and “angels and blood” and “math and sports” from a family that can’t seem to do anything but argue. And then, on this night, of all nights, when the family seems to be emotionally pulling apart even as it is coming together again, there is the mystery of the old Italian man who sit in the corner of the deli all day and night and refuses to leave.

Performed by Enchanted Players
At Darress Theatre
Performances ran
Friday, December 6, 2002 thru Sunday, December 15, 2002