“The Miracle Worker” at The Conservatory Players

“The Miracle Worker”
by William Gibson

A heart-wrenching and uplifting look at Helen Keller. Blind and mute, who knows what would have become of her if were not for Annie Sullivan’s tutelage. Annie, an Irish girl, had been born blind and knows the secret of young Helen’s world. The emotional thunder of the teacher-student relationship unfurls into a maelstrom of turbulence as Annie pries into the world of Helen, trying to pull the girl from her own black and secret midnight animal self.

Performed by The Conservatory Players
At St. Paul’s School (Clifton)
Performances ran
Friday, May 11, 2001 thru Sunday, May 20, 2001
A Doctor.... Pete Kopec Has Bio
Annie Sullivan.... Shannon Yancsurak Has Bio
Aunt Ev.... Elisa Turnow
Dr. Anagnos.... Kalyn Shaible
James.... Brian Petrucelli
Kate Keller.... Linda Iannuzzi Has Bio
Martha.... Megan MacPhee
Percy.... Landon Woodson
Viney.... Sheila G. Woodson
Captain Keller.... Jon Ciccarelli
Captain Keller.... Anthony Conti
Children's Ensemble.... Jordan Iannuzzi
Children's Ensemble.... Carolyn Liberti
Children's Ensemble.... Emily Mammone
Children's Ensemble.... Ella Nalepka
Children's Ensemble.... Sarah Robertson
Children's Ensemble.... Christopher Robertson
Children's Ensemble.... Karla Yeamans
Stage Managed by Leticia Diaz Has Bio

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