“The Music Man” at Washington Crossing Repertory Company

“The Music Man”
Book, Music & Lyrics by Meredith Wilson

Willson called this show his valentine." Charismatic con man Harold Hill galvanizes a stodgy, entertainment-starved Iowa town at the turn of the century. Intending to fleece the town with a flase scheme to organize a boy's band, Hill's plans go afoul when he falls for Marian, the starchy town librarian. Ultimately she tames his runabout impulses while he teaches her - and the entire town - the joys of emotional risks."

Tickets $10 to $14

Performed by Washington Crossing Repertory Company
At Kelsey Theatre
Performances ran
Friday, October 12, 2001 thru Sunday, October 21, 2001
Alma Hix.... Kathie Stamos Has Bio
Amaryllis / Dancer.... Daryl Rothman Has Bio
Charlie Cowell.... Frank Ferrara Has Bio
Conductor / Constable.... Jim Cordingley Has Bio
Dancer / Farmer / Band.... Ben Schindel Has Bio
Ethel Toffelmeier.... Dawn Gagliano Has Bio
Ewart Dunlop / Salesman.... Danny Giglio Has Bio
Farm Girl / Ensemble.... Heather Ciano Has Bio
Farmer / Salesman.... Don Gerecke Has Bio
Gothic / Farmers Wife.... Jen Fisher Has Bio
Gracie Shinn / Dancer.... Chelsea Wargo Has Bio
Harold Hill.... Marty Berrien Has Bio
Jacey Squires / Salesman.... Jim Azzinaro Has Bio
Marcellus.... Vince Gagliano Has Bio
Marian.... Melanie Maher Has Bio
Maud Dunlop.... Kristin Heiser Has Bio
Mayor Shin.... Ken Ambs Has Bio
Mrs Shinn.... Jean Combs Has Bio
Mrs. Paroo.... Eileen Luscombe Has Bio
Mrs. Squires.... Emily Benjamin Has Bio
Olin Britt / Salesman.... Bill Pessel Has Bio
Oliver Hix.... Ken McCormick Has Bio
Tommy / Dancer / Band.... Michael Steele Has Bio
Winthrop.... Matthew Steele Has Bio
Zaneeta / Dancer.... Allison Gibson Has Bio
Zaneeta's Friend / Dancer.... Cara Scharf Has Bio
Boys' Band / Dancer.... Robbie Ciano Has Bio
Boys' Band / Dancer.... Patrick Moran Has Bio
Daughter / Ensemble.... Rebecca Gerecke Has Bio
Daughter / Ensemble.... Keeley Stamos Has Bio
Salesman / Dancer.... Eugene Gross
Salesman / Dancer.... Bob McDonald Has Bio
Wife / Ensemble.... Arielle Chesnovitz
Wife / Ensemble.... Jessica Kovalchik Has Bio
Boys' Band / Ensemble.... Dustin Ciano Has Bio
Boys' Band / Ensemble.... Paul McGlew
Boys' Band / Ensemble.... Bobby McGuckin Has Bio
Salesman / Ensemble.... Victor Miller Has Bio
Salesman / Ensemble.... John Russell
Salesman / Ensemble.... Brandon Szeker Has Bio
Dancer / Ensemble.... Kristi Flynn Has Bio
Dancer / Ensemble.... Hilary Goldman Has Bio
Dancer / Ensemble.... Tappany Hochman Has Bio
Dancer / Ensemble.... Brian Jasinski
Dancer / Ensemble.... Catherine Jones Has Bio
Dancer / Ensemble.... Cherise Nystrom Has Bio
Dancer / Ensemble.... Heather Sconza
Dancer / Ensemble.... Bonnie White Has Bio
Directed by Nancy Snyder Has Bio
Vocal Direction by Nancy Snyder Has Bio
Choreography by Pam Pisani Has Bio
Produced by Leslie Paine Anding Has Bio
Produced by Robert Bearden Has Bio
Produced by Debbie Malmros Has Bio
Stage Managed by Shannon Ferrara Has Bio
Stage Managed by Ruth Kresge Has Bio
Stage Managed by Nancy Russell
Musical Direction by Lou Woodruff
Set Designed by Nancy Snyder Has Bio
Scenic Art by Andy Rothman Has Bio
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