“Arms and the Man” at Holmdel Theatre Festival

“Arms and the Man”
Directed by George Bernard Shaw

Betrothed to a war hero, Raina becaomes smitten with the enemy when he crawls into her bedchamber for safety. But will this "Chocolate cream soldier" return her affection or become a source of mischeif in this charming romantic comedy?

Performed by Holmdel Theatre Festival
At Duncan Smith Theatre
Performances ran
Thursday, August 15, 1996 thru Saturday, August 24, 1996
Captain Bluntschli.... Stephen Kaiser
Catherine Petkoff.... Rhonda King
Louka.... Ana Kalet Has Bio
Major Paul Petkoff.... Matt Walker
Major Serius Saranoff.... Michael Zally
Nicola.... James Cleveland
Raina.... Piper Lisa Perabo
Russian Officer.... Mark Kalet Has Bio Has photo
Directed by Mary McGinley